Covid Precautions

Here at Innovation we’re taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Here’s what we are doing:

We ask all customers to bring their own face mask. You will need this to enter both Nescot and the salon. We also have hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance to Nescot.

We ask all customers to complete a track and trace form at our Salon Reception. You do not need to do this at our Main Nescot Reception. Just go straight to the Salon.

Our staff will be wearing face protection and we ask you to wear you face mask during your appointment.

Further hand sanitiser is available in our Salon.

We maintain social distancing in the common areas of the Salon and Nescot.

After each customer, the area is completely cleaned and sanitised.

We hope the above keeps us all safe and we appreciate your cooperation.